Cleaning Up

Removing Services

If at any time, or at the end of this workshop, you would like to delete a service from your project & your account, you can do this by running the amplify remove command:

$ amplify remove auth

$ amplify push

If you are unsure of what services you have enabled at any time, you can run the amplify status command:

$ amplify status

Current Environment: dev

| Category | Resource name     | Operation | Provider plugin   |
| -------- | ----------------- | --------- | ----------------- |
| Api      | postagram         | No Change | awscloudformation |
| Auth     | postagramabcdefab | No Change | awscloudformation |
| Storage  | images            | No Change | awscloudformation |

GraphQL endpoint:
GraphQL API KEY: xxx-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

amplify status will give you the list of resources that are currently enabled in your app.

Deleting the Amplify project and all services

If you’d like to delete the entire project and all of the resources associated with it, you can run the delete command:

$ amplify delete