The Amplify Console is a hosting service with continuous integration and deployment.

The first thing we need to do is create a new GitHub repo for this project. Once we’ve created the repo, we’ll copy the URL for the project to the clipboard & initialize git in our local project:

$ git init

$ git remote add origin

$ git add .

$ git commit -m 'initial commit'

$ git push origin main

Next we’ll visit the Amplify Console for the app we’ve already deployed:

$ amplify console

In the Frontend Environments section, under Connect a frontend web app choose GitHub then then click on Connect branch.

Next, under “Frontend environments”, authorize Github as the repository service.

Next, we’ll choose the new repository & branch for the project we just created & click Next.

In the next screen, we’ll create a new role & use this role to allow the Amplify Console to deploy these resources & click Next.

Finally, we can click Save and Deploy to deploy our application!

Now, we can push updates to Main to update our application.